Group session getting place about long run of wellness and social remedy in East Lothian

NORTH Berwick Coastal Wellness & Wellbeing Affiliation is website hosting a local people session this weekend on the long term of wellbeing and social care domestically and all through East Lothian.

The event takes space at North Berwick Working day Centre (Friday, 6-8pm, Saturday and Sunday, 1-4pm).

The occasion is turning into function independently of East Lothian Council’s engagement work out having mentioned that, the findings can be utilised to help the development of latest choices.

Reps from organisations intently included within the problem, such because the Mates of the Edington and North Berwick Neighborhood Council, can be there in human being for attendees to talk to.

A research is presently being carried out on the internet for these not capable of go to.

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